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smarter cities

Rethinking the places we call home

Cities are broken. Can you fix them?
We all know cities can't go on using space and resources the way they do today. Can you make life more sustainable, and better for people in cities?

community impact

Innovation that puts people first

Act like a local
Neighborhoods have plenty of problems that need solving. From repurposing local plastic waste, or figuring out 'the delivery-truck problem,' to protecting natural environments. You only need to speak to people in your neighborhood to get inspired. Let us put you in touch.

Build global fixes
On a larger scale we're facing enormous challenges relating to resources, pollution, and disaster control. Do you have an idea for how to create healthier, self-sustaining systems that could benefit cities around the globe?

Your next idea starts here

Urbanization trends to know
From re-purposing and re-thinking how we use city space, to optimizing how people, goods, and waste flow through our cities. Here are three trends that get our creative juices flowing.



Rethinking space

Repurposing, reclaiming, and redefining it
The lack of space in cities forces us to search for new ways to create and use all available square meters.

To fight urban density and create room for creativity and livelihood, people around the world are adapting and changing the functionalities of underused space (i.e. industrial parks, empty retail spaces). New solutions involve easy to assemble, prefabricated, customizable, flexible and cheap structures that work in cellars, attics, rooftops and gardens.



Optimizing flows

The search for smoother logistics
Increasing movement of people, vehicles, and goods in an ever-demanding and rushed culture calls for smart, efficient, and safe solutions.

Our cities are at capacity and smart solutions are needed to spread congestion and keep travellers safer. As we move from A to B, are there ways to travel faster and smarter, and also stay productive?



Mental wellbeing

Thriving, not just surviving in the city
More than anywhere else, people in cities feel the pressure and acceleration of modern life. They are looking for a better balance by (re)connecting to others, nature, and themselves.

People are looking for routines, solutions, and spaces to play and rest as well as live and work. The desire for nature and sustainability means people are seeking out green spaces, natural light, and a sense of togetherness.

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