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Essential inspiration for your next project

At it's heart, Cumulus Park Studio is a collaborative innovation ecosystem and all of our webinars, masterclasses, and training's are centered around exploring, discussing, learning and creating together. Together with our knowledge partners we host webinars to provide you with the inspiration that is essential for collaborative innovation.

Urbanization and Digital Identity

Deep learnings on complex topics

As the majority of people are expected to be living in cities by 2050, and our digital identities are an increasing part of human life, Cumulus Park Studio is building an ecosystem to accommodate deep learnings on the themes of Urbanization and Digital Identity.

We believe innovation starts with the right mindset, leadership and strategic approach. And that emerging technologies are important for organizations to accelerate their digitalization. Therefore in order to innovate successfully, a deep understanding of collaborative practice and ecosystems-thinking is required.

the basics

Your questions answered

What topics are discussed during these webinars?

Data strategy, machine learning, sustainable business, adaptable mindset, optimizing logistics etc.

How long do these webinars take?

60 or 90 minutes

What are the costs involved?

Webinars are free

Does Cumulus Park Studio offer any other training?

For further learnings we provide masterclass series to deep-dive into specific content.

Where can I register for these webinars?

See all events and sign up here

Our Knowledge Partners

We partner up with multiple knowledge partners to create events such as: Data to Dollars in the domain of Digital Identity and Data Strategies; Digital Society School around creative thinking, speculative design and adaptable mindset; Strategy Works on the digital revolution and the impact of technology on business and society; and Enjins on the opportunities of Machine Learning applications.

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