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Ideal conditions for your best work

Cumulus Park Studio is a dynamic workspace where organizations collaborate to create new opportunities, and individuals drive innovation projects. With comfortable workstations, meeting rooms, and event spaces, we’ve created the right environments for collaboration and innovation to happen daily.

Bring to life

Your desk is also a testing lab

On-site at Cumulus Park Studio, our FAB Lab and Customer Research Lab allow members to bring ideas to life through rapid prototyping and testing to determine their viability. Along with access to work, meeting and event areas, Cumulus Park Studio members can take advantage of these community tools, making every idea one step closer to reality.

work smarter

Spaces to drive innovation

Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms are designed to help your team and clients feel creative and focused. Access everything you need for your collaborative sessions, from audiovisual equipment and whiteboards to food and beverage services.

Event Spaces

Events are a great way to showcase your ideas, bring together like-minded individuals, and foster collaboration. Check out our dynamic event spaces and create an event that will spark innovation.

Desk For A Day

Need a place to work for a few days? We offer temporary, fixed desks for € 26 per day. Our modern workspace has a variety of areas for working independently or in teams.


The FAB Lab at Cumulus Park Studio is part of a unique global network. Over 1,750 local labs in 100 countries can work together on collaborative projects. The labs offer the opportunity to design any physical object, project, experiment or process digitally and online, to be 'printed' anywhere in the world. Existing digital designs can be iterated to fit local needs, resources and possibilities. The FAB Lab gives our users the opportunity to design solutions to local challenges using global expertise.

Customer Research Lab

The Customer Research Lab is a fully equipped research space, available exclusively for members. The lab consists of two rooms:

  • a room with cameras and a microphone where conversations with test persons can be held behind closed curtains
  • a viewing room on the same floor where these conversations can be followed live

The conversations can be observed directly by a project team, allowing the findings to be assessed immediately and taken into consideration. At this time the rooms do not have session recording facilities.

We help people connect, co-create, and go further than they would on their own.

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