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scouting and scaling

Connect with hundreds of startups and scale-ups developing the next wave of technology in your field

Established businesses can fast-track solutions to existing problems with innovations that have already been built by startups and scale-ups. Cumulus Park Studio works with Silicon Valley VC and accelerator Plug and Play to help you select the best contenders.

About Plug and Play

Plug and Play is a Silicon-valley based VC and accelerator. They run over 50 industry-themed programs in cities across the world, accelerating 1100+ startups each year. Plug and Play invests in over 220 companies a year, making it the #1 VC investor worldwide in terms of number of startup investments made. Past investments include PayPal, Dropbox, Quantenna, LendingClub, and N26.

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How does Scouting and Scaling work?

Step 1

Your organization approaches Cumulus Park Studio with an innovation challenge.

Step 2

Our partner, Plug and Play, scouts its global network for relevant startups and scale-ups.

Step 3

Together with Plug and Play you compose a list of companies to participate in a Selection Day to enter a 3-month Plug and Play program focussed on running PoCs/pilots with these companies

Step 4

During Selection Day all startups are given the opportunity to present their products and services and how these can match your innovation challenges. Subsequently you choose the startups you want to work with.

Step 5

The Plug and Play program is kicked off and during 3 months you will work together with the startups towards a PoC/pilot. Also, in 3 so-called “Focus Weeks” (1 each month), your organization will meet in person with the selected startups to develop pilot plans, kick off pilots, join innovation workshops, events and more.

Step 6

To close the program the pilot plan will be presented during an EXPO day and if applicable initial results that may have been yielded will also be presented. Any further plans to work with the startup will be realized and acted on.

Work with Plug and Play

Partners who use our Scouting and Scaling service enter into a contract with Plug and Play. Prices vary.

Recent Scouting and Scaling projects

In June 2019, Cumulus Park Studio and Plug and Play scouted 90 scale-ups for an innovation issue in the area of Digital Identity. During a selection day with 20 pitches eight scale-ups were admitted to the program. Right now a pilot has been launched with one scale-up. The build involves a reusable digital passport for one of the client’s online shopping platforms, that works using a smartphone, cryptography, and blockchain technology.

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