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High-achieving organizations recognize that innovation is key to success. But teaming-up with outside collaborators isn't always easy. Cumulus Park Studio matches you with the right partners, provides a proven innovation model, and neutral facilitation from idea to prototype. The result? Innovation done right, with all the competitive and financial benefits.

where to start

Explore & Network

Collaboration begins with real connectivity. Cumulus Park is the perfect place to connect over lunch, a webinar or an event. Our services help you broaden your view and expand your network.

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Learn & Get Ready

Looking for fresh perspectives or want to develop your own experience in the field of data and tech? Our services help you gain knowledge and prepare to innovate.

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Collaborate & innovate

Join forces with corporates, startups, government bodies, students and researchers to build something new. Or connect with hundreds of scale-ups developing the next wave of technology in your field. Our services help facilitate your collaboration and innovation.

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where to work


Our memberships support you in exploring collaborations, or provide you with a dynamic workplace to collaborate on innovative projects with other organizations and like-minded individuals.

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Cumulus Park Studio is the place for projects, experiments, business hookups, concept launches, research, courses and training sessions. Our modern workspace has a variety of areas for working independently or in teams.

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