Recap: Societal impact of Digital Revolution

We are at the dawn of a societal revolution. Several technologies form the basis for​ this development, such as machine learning, blockchain, robotics and biotechnology. These​ technologies cause significant changes in each and every part of the economy and society: new business models appear, cybercrime has become a key threat, start-ups are gaining ground while many​ large organizations have a hard time surviving, and entire industries are changing​.

These trends and developments pose both a threat and an opportunity for many organizations. Bob de Wit analysed these trends and developments in the Cumulus Park Webinar on May 20th, and illustrated the huge impact of these trends on industries and organizations. He pointed out that in order to survive, organizations should critically review their business model and wonder if their current value proposition is still relevant in the​ future.

The Impact of Change
Organizations should not only focus on improving the current business reasoning from existing frameworks only (exploitation), but also explore complete new business models instantly (exploration). As organizations only continue to exist when creating a fit between their​ organization and its environment, they need to understand the​ impact of the changes on the industry and their organization. Bob’s presentation helped participants to look beyond today’s reality and think outside existing frameworks about new ways to create value in the future.

StrategyWorks CEO Michael van Everdingen then took over in a workshop to discuss strategic consequences of changing business models. The main point is that industries change not because they require new products and services; industries change because the underlying needs require new solutions. In order for the participants to think further about underlying needs that provide a basis for creating value, they were split in beak-out groups to work together on a use case. Some amazingly creative ideas arose and were shared among the participants. The dialogue on this interesting topic will be continued between the participants, StrategyWorks and Cumulus Park.

Cumulus Park
Cumulus Park brings together professionals and innovators from public and private organisations, knowledge institutes, start-ups, scale-ups and local communities to work together on innovative solutions for complex challenges. Our focus is on collaborative innovation processes, tools, technologies, and infrastructure. In our vision, innovation starts with a mindset for collaboration and creative thinking. StrategyWorks is our valued knowledge partner in bringing strategic content to our community.

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