Recap: Masterclass Unlock your Data


How will your company emerge from this crisis?

And how can you use internal and external data to become closer to your customers, partners and the market? In Cumulus Park’s Data Strategies Masterclass on June 17, participants learned to look differently at their data and utilize it to start building their own organizational data strategy. Together with knowledge partner Data To Dollars, we focused on understanding the value of data. Not only internal data, such as client reports, but more importantly, the huge relevance of external data and the potential it has for increasing business performance. A diverse group of entrepreneurs and managers changed their mindset on their data opportunities!

Key take-aways included insights on how to assess which data your organization has, which opportunities exist to share data with customers and partners, and how to start building your own growth scenario.

This was the first webinar in a series of Cumulus Park’s Data Strategies Masterclasses. Join us for the next session on June 30!

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