Recap: Masterclass Data Value

On February 13th, the Cumulus Park Masterclass: Data Value – A Titanic or a Rocket? was organized in the brand new Cumulus Park Studio location in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Over 40 participants from a wide variety of backgrounds attended, each with their own questions regarding their data strategies. We invited Rebecca Bucnis and Joan van Walbeek from Data to Dollars to discuss the ever more intriguing subject of data; what opportunities do we get when we treat “data as an asset”, which challenges come with that, and how can we start addressing it in our own organization. Marinus Hoogendijk from Privacy Beyond enlightened us on how GDPR really is intended and how we can use it as a springboard instead of seeing it as a restriction. It’s all about common sense!

Generate new business value by using data
The program was set up in five interactive building blocks. First, we explored the meaning of monetizing data. How can you generate new business value by using data? There are many ways companies currently use their data, but few have gone a step further. Exploring the opportunities led to the question of GDPR: is it the iceberg below the surface that will eventually bring us down, or are we building a fundament that can help us accelerate? It all depends on the classification of data elements as personal identifiable information and, although we scratched the surface, it became clear what we can and cannot do with data. But foremost it is important to adhere to the rules of ethics, transparency and commons sense when using data.


How do you see data?
In two activation sessions the participants were split in groups so they could discuss the data maturity level and data strategies in their own organizations. How do you see data; as an iceberg or as a rocket fuel, off to great heights? Open and engaged discussions took place where a flood of practical and new insights where shared.

Opportunities for acceleration
The session was concluded listing opportunities for acceleration. Clear next steps where given to explore the potential of this interesting field. The speakers voted and presented a nice present to Invisible Tickets who had the best idea in the activation sessions on his own data strategy. Congratulations!


Lots of interesting discussions that were continued during drinks and snacks. This topic is certainly buzzing and deserves a follow-up.
We are looking forward to bring more events and build an interesting and relevant community around the topic of data strategies. There are already some great ideas that will be communicated on the website shortly.

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