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Innovation is society’s greatest survival tactic, and its most successful growth strategy. But innovation doesn't happen alone, or within the closed walls of organizations. Cumulus Park Studio exists to create an open network of problem solvers from diverse backgrounds. Our community crosses companies, industries, disciplines and countries. Business leaders and founders, entrepreneurs and leading academics, visionary students, and government decision makers join together to create the future.

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Cumulus Park is a new innovation district in the city’s south east, and Cumulus Park Studio is a workspace within the district. Yes, we rent desks, but we also host a broad range of workshops, training, seminars, and events to grow our community and the individuals within it.

Our community’s health and safety is our top priority. As recommended by the RIVM and the World Health Organization, our physical spaces have been closed over the past several months and we have converted to online events. As the situation with COVID-19 evolves, we have implemented a number of measures for a safe return. We are piloting these measures and slowing increasing the return of our members over the next several weeks while ensuring the safety of our residents, the local community and the city of Amsterdam.

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The Cumulus Park ecosystem is made up of organizations and companies who inspire and propel our community members with services, content, products, knowledge, skills, network events and more.

A results-driven community
When it comes to collaboration, members of our community are all-in. They attend knowledge programs and events and are never-not-networking to find possible partners. When it comes to collaborations they share knowledge and resources along with risks and costs. Does this sound like you?

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An ING initiative

Great things happen when we work together
The Cumulus Park district was conceived by ING in response to their strong belief that innovation is essential, and the best way to do it is with diverse minds working together. Innovating within their company meant more than working with outside consultants. ING wanted to create a physical space where the future of their own business, and also other organizations, could be written by a community of independent thinkers and doers. Within this district is the Cumulus Park Studio, also founded by ING, but soon to become its own entity.



Our team has a wide range of know-how: from hunting talent and optimizing innovation, to creating events that inspire and energize. We're united by our desire to help create real impact through collaboration.



The power of collaboration
We have two types of partners; those within the physical district of Cumulus Park, and those that offer content to the projects, events, and training courses.

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